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2018/01982 Submission Reform of the Gender Recognition Act – submission to the Government Equalities Office consultation 15 November 2018
2018/00140 Submission Preparedness and delivery of Brexit by examining the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 23 January 2018
2017/00538 Submission Basic safety standards for protection against the dangers from exposure to ionising radiation - Prospect response to CD282 31 March 2017
2017/00501 Submission Prospect submission to the Ministry of Justice on Review of the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunals 16 March 2017
2017/00493 Submission Prospect submission to the Public Accounts Committee on Carbon Capture and Storage 14 March 2017
2017/00328 Submission Green Paper: Corporate Governance Reform - Prospect response 17 February 2017
2017/00320 Submission Improving Lives - Prospect response to The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper 17 February 2017
2017/00318 Submission Prospect Response to HM Treasury Consultation on Reducing the Money Purchase Annual Allowance 16 February 2017
2017/00289 Submission Consultation response to Coal Generation in GB 09 February 2017
2017/00166 Submission Submission by Prospect to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee 24 January 2017
2017/00151 Submission Prospect response to the trade union consultation on the Government Commercial Organisation 23 January 2017
2017/00117 Submission Senior Salaries Review Body: Prospect and FDA evidence, November 2016 16 January 2017
2017/00115 Submission Prospect Submission on Reforming the Employment Tribunal System 16 January 2017
2017/00006 Submission ECS Group response to the Scottish Government Governance Review of Scottish Education 04 January 2017
2016/02348 Submission Response to 2017 Independent State Pension Age Review's Interim Report and Consultation 20 December 2016
2016/02302 Submission ECS Group submission to the DfE consultation 'Schools that work for everyone' 09 December 2016
2016/02193 Submission Consultation on draft model rules on political funds 23 November 2016
2016/02016 Submission Prospect submission to Commons committee considering LISA 26 October 2016
2016/01907 Submission Submission to the Public Bills Committee on Higher Education and Research Bill 06 October 2016
2016/01871 Submission Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Public Sector Employees 28 September 2016
2016/01868 Submission Prospect Submission to DWP Select Committee's enquiry into the Pensions Regulator and the Pension Protection Fund 26 September 2016
2016/01719 Submission Prospect submission to Ofcom Digital Communications Review 05 September 2016
2016/00614 Submission TUC Equality Audit 2016: Collective Bargaining and Equality 10 March 2016
2016/00613 Submission Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting 10 March 2016
2016/00534 Submission Prospect reponse to the consultation on School Development Service in Northern Ireland Interim Structures 03 March 2016
2016/00449 Submission Prospect evidence to Public Bill Committee on Enterprise Bill 2015-16 22 February 2016
2016/00250 Submission SSRB Written evidence submitted on behalf of FDA and Prospect November 12th 2015 27 January 2016
2015/01670 Submission Travel and subsistence 16 December 2015
2015/01469 Submission Prospect response to Dept for Work and Pensions on the end of contracting out 19 November 2015
2015/01285 Submission Prospect Response to Government Consultation on the Taxation of Termination Payments 16 October 2015